We only use the world’s leading manufacturers of leak detection equipment.

This equipments allows us to track down leaks under concrete, earth, flooring or any other type of surface without having to causing damage. After the leak is pinpointed, then the repair is easy and affordable.

Diving Equipment:

It is difficult to truly inspect a pool without diving and spending some time under water.

Our equipment allows us to spend as much time as we need under the surface to insure all areas have been thoroughly tested and inspected.

Without diving in, you are not getting a full picture of the potential issues.

Infrared Cameras:

Infrared cameras detect differences in temperatures of objects they are directed towards.

This is a useful tool when doing building and stucco inspections, as well as hidden leaks behind walls and other surfaces.

We are trained in infrared services, and no extra fees are added if an infrared test is needed during an inspection.

Moisture Meters:

Our moisture meters are of the highest quality, to insure our reading are accurate and precise.

We can pinpoint moisture issues of any size or volume with our meters. We are always updating our equipment to keep on the edge of technology. This transfers to better, more efficent service for our customers.

Pressure and dye tests:

Although our equipment is of the highest quality and most advanced available, sometimes the simplest solution is the best.

Pressue test and dye tests are standard practice, and keeping it simple is sometimes the most efficent way to solve a problem.

Electronic Leak Correlation:

We use top of the line, electronic leak correlation systems to help us track down any leak, no matter the size or pipe material. By attaching our correlators to the pipe in question, we can get quickly and precisely locate the leak . From there we verify our readings to be positive we have correctly located the leak.

Pipe and Sewer Cameras:

See what the issue is before you have to make expensive repairs. With our pipe cameras and corresponding locators, its easy to see and pinpoint the issue.

Line and Pipe Locators:

We can trace a line any length with our professional locators. Any material, any location, we can mark it out for your convenience and peace of mind.

Our Team:

The best equipment in the world would be useless without the proper people working it. Our team is made up of leak detection experts, trained in the latest technology, but seasoned in real world situations.

It is our commitment to our clients that is our most powerful tool. We are constantly challanging ourselves to be the absoloute best at what we do… finding leaks and helping people resolve their water problems.

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