Realtors, builders, lawyers, municipalities, property management companies and homeowners have trusted us with their stucco inspections and to trouble shoot their water infiltration issues for over 20 years. We have consistently earned that trust with accurate results. Our quality service saves our clients’ money and frustration.

If you are considering buying a home, or having the stucco system on your residential or commercial property inspected, contact us. In the past 25 years stucco installation on new homes has yielded hidden damage, rot and mold issues due to changes in the building industry. Statewide Can provide a thorough stucco inspection to be sure you have no issues.

We at Statewide have real world experience in dealing with stucco failure.


  • Exterior Design Institute certified inspectors
  • MWC certified stucco inspectors
  • EDI Moisture Analyst and building Envelope Certified inspector
  • Flir Thermography Certified
  • Decades of real world home building experience. We understand how a home is put together, flashed, and why homes fail.
  • Oversite of hundreds of remediation projects due to stucco failure.
  • Over 6,000 stucco inspections to our credit in the tri state area.
  • We work directly with some of the largest relocation companies in the world. Our inspections help them make their decisions in buying in the tri state area.
  • We work with some of the biggest builders in the country, to help them assess their stucco and building flashing issues.
  • Our reports have been used to help settle many lawsuits, along with several class actions lawsuits as well.

We are not home inspectors who do stucco inspections on the side. We are not stucco contractors.

We are stucco inspectors and water infiltration experts.  That is all we do every day.

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