Home and Building Moisture Forensics

20 years ago we started out in this business specializing in home water infiltration location.

Our leak specialists have experience with every type of building structure leak imaginable.

Whether it be building envelope issues, stucco problems, windows or doors, roofing, foundation leaks, mold, condensation, or an unknown source, we can find it. Full building testing and reporting is available for your convenience and peace of mind.

Under ground and under slab pipe leaks

Leaks in underground service lines can be expensive to deal with and challenging to locate for homeowners and professionals alike. Our expertise and equipment can locate any leaking or broken pipe under any surface, no matter how deep or long of a run.

Before you break up a tile floor, dig up a parking lot, or send a back hoe into the yard, make sure you are digging in the right place. Being wrong only compounds the expenses and aggravation.

Let us pinpoint where the problem really is before you begin.

Pool and Spa leaks – see our dedicated page

Stucco Issues and Leaks can be costly! Call today for a FREE Estimate!

Contact Statewide today for a FREE Estimate before it’s too late! Don’t let a minor problem become a major issue! Catching small leaks early can save you money in repair costs down the line.  Don’t wait!  Call (610) 212-1316 now!